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How VPN Works

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, add privacy and security to both private and public networks, including the Internet and Wif-Fi hotspots

What Is a VPN? What Is it Used For?

When you use a VPN, your IP address and location are hidden, your browser use and communications (online banking and video chats) are securely encrypted, and you can unblock censored content and watch whatever content you choose.

How Does a VPN Work?

When you access the Internet without VPN, you connect via your ISP (Internet Service Provider), which then connects you to the content you want. Your Internet use can be seen by your ISP’s servers.

On the other hand, when you use ViperSocks, you connect to one of our servers via an encrypted connection or a “VPN tunnel.” All transmissions and data that travel from between your device and our VPN server are encrypted so only you and our VPN server can view it.

With a VPN

The diagram below shows what happens when you use ViperSocks. Encrypted communications between your computer (or another device) and our VPN server, as well as transmissions between our server and your ultimate destination, are protected and anonymous. ViperSocks hides your IP address and changes your location, making it impossible to trace your Internet use, even while you break through firewalls to watch your favorite content.

Virtual Private Networks creates a secure tunnel between two or more devices.

Without a VPN

If you use the Internet without VPN, an eavesdropper can easily intercept unencrypted data and communications between your computer and the Internet. Plus, your IP address is exposed to advertisers, hackers, thieves and government surveillance.

Without a VPN your network is wide open and unprotected.

ViperSocks tunneling provides the most advanced, state-of-the-art multi-layered security to protect your privacy when you’re online:

Protect your identity

Identity protection means that you can browse the Internet anonymously, keeping your data and identity secret; even your ISP cannot see your data or which sites you visit.

Hide your geographical location

IP cloaking hides your IP address, replacing it with one of ours, so no one can determine your geographic location; you appear to be located where our server is located.

Encrypt your data

Military-grade encryption makes it safe for you use private connections and public Wi-Fi hotspots, preventing snoops, hackers and thieves from reading and stealing your data, while protecting you against viruses and phishing attacks.

Connect to your business

State-of-the-art security measures allow you to connect to your business network from your home computer without risk.

Never stores data

ViperSocks never stores your data or any information about which IP addresses are connected to our servers, so no one — including us — knows what you are doing on the Internet.

Advanced VPN

Our advanced VPN capabilities allow you to unblock websites and access content from anywhere — from your own office or even from China, Iran and other countries that typically limit access to the Internet.

How do you use VPN?

It’s easier than you think! Once you’ve selected the ViperSocks plan that best meets your needs, simply follow these basic steps:


Install and launch your ViperSocks software.

Log in

Log in with your username and password.

Select server

Select the nearest server or one that meets your unique situation.


Connect to selected VPN server.

Go browsing

Browse the Internet, or do whatever you want online!

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